Why are your holster prices below some others?

A better question would  be, “Why do others price so much higher?”

In any item, you have quality of materials and quality of workmanship. That said:

  • We use the best American leather available – the top grade hides from the best tanneries.  And only the best cuts from those.  Others are not using better leather.
  • We design our holsters – except a few vintage models we get asked to do, otherwise original.  We have actually seen people charging more than we do and using our design (while claiming it’s theirs of course).
  • DO NOT let us tell us how great our work is.  Set our work next to another and compare for yourself.

So what IS it “they” are charging you for?  Drying time?  The time they spend whipping up social media posts full of ‘hype’?  The payment on their new truck?

Here you’re billed based on the actual work involved.  We don’t bill for drying time, OR social media ‘hype’.  In fact, we don’t bill ‘time’ at all.  By that [supposed] logic, the slowest man would be paid the most.  We do not reward slowness, nor ask you to reward it.