How do I place order?

There are several methods to place order from JLS Leather.

Use the “add to cart” buttons on the product page to place order in the online store.  Payment is made either by credit card or PayPal account through PayPal.  Verify your order in the cart and checkout pages.

Use the payment buttons right on the page you are viewing.  To purchase an item without going to the cart and checkout pages, select options you’d like.  Then click the GOLD Paypal button to pay with a debit or credit card.  In the window that opens, scroll past log in to the button to “pay with debit or credit card”.  Alternately, you can select the BLUE button to use PayPal Credit.

Receive an invoice.  Use the CONTACT page or an email to describe the items you are interested.  Or upload a file which shows or describes your interest.  Leave a phone number if you’d like to be contacted by phone.  We can work out details of your order and send an invoice you can pay directly.

Call the number provided to order over the phone using your credit card.   Please have your card ready, as we do not store credit card information.