Are curved panel holsters thinner than pancake holster?

Actually the thickness is the same, but they do lay closer to the body than a 5050 ‘pancake’ holster.  That hype about pancakes being thinner has been told for years.  Because those ‘pancake’ holsters are so easy to design and make, most people who sell them don’t want to dispel the hype and thus discourage (inform) potential buyers.

Rocket science not required for this. With EITHER a ‘pancake’ holster (seam down the center) or a curved panel holster  (seam off center to one side) you have:

  • a layer of leather, then
  • the pistol, then
  • another layer of leather.  And you may also have
  • a “reinforcement” layer of leather.

The only way to make one thinner than the other is to use thinner leather (you could buy a thinner pistol).

For more information about this, see the blog post on holster design and the upgrade to curved panel holsters.