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Get What You Pay For

You get what you pay for.  We’ve all heard that.  Once again, we revisit that often misused phrase.  The longer version – and basis for this – can be read in an earlier post.

To see if that’s actually true, you would need to know both what you are getting and what you are paying.  Price is easy enough to compare – in fact a simple search will do much of that for you.  Good news is, these days it’s also easier than ever before to compare what you get for that price.

Lately we have seen a significant increase in the number of people wanting OUR product and “their” price.  People routinely send us pictures of someone else’s work and as if we will make that.  But having found an item you like, at a price you think is acceptable, WHY contact us?  Seems logical to contact the person(s) whose picture you saw.  In the time it takes to contact us, you could have already made your purchase.

get what you pay forClearly, there’s a reason why people contact us.  There must be something about that ‘other’ product that isn’t acceptable in some way.  It does seem we should heed our own advice, and compare the items.  People show us goods less well built and less cosmetically appealing than ours.  Often, those are sold for less money; but not in all cases.  Others have noticed it as well, which is why we get some of these requests.

Taking our own advice, we have compared some of these goods.  We invite others to do the same.  You have our permission (and recommendation) to place our images and products along side of any others you are considering.  Please feel free to send other makers our pics or links to them and ask them to recreate the product.  We’d like to see you get what you pay for.



Coast Guard Charge Books

Coast Guard charge books should display the same professionalism and attention to the task at hand as do the men and women who carry them.

As with all of our projects, we recommend and ask that you compare the work with others available.

Coast Guard Charge Books

Certainly you can find many just by Google-ing “leather coast guard charge book”.   My personal opinion;  I like leather, but a neat, clean, well constructed wooden one is preferable to poorly done low grade leather.

This picture I consider a base line, standing order, worst case scenario, minimum acceptable.

Accepting less than this would be the civilian equivalent of, for example, an almost regulation hair cut, or shoes that used to shine, a crooked crease, dull brass, …

Just contact us with your request for any customization you need.