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Buddy Bracelets aka Python Pals

python skin buddy braceletsPython skin left over from something … can’t remember.  Daughter recently found it in a drawer and decided that should be bracelets for her and her friend.

I didn’t even get a picture of the finished goods with snaps.. when it was done that little girl was GONE with the goods.  So, we just have this quick cell phone picture, but the girls were happy.  They will of course be back for something else before long.

The snake isn’t recommended on items getting hard use.  We’ll see how long the bracelets hold up to young girls.  The edge lacing will likely help a bit to reduce scuffing but python – though beautiful – is not particularly durable.  Think skinning a fish.. the scales get ‘rubbed’ the wrong way and come off.

Those requesting holsters with python accents can order them, after enduring the impending words of warning and disclaimer about longevity.  Python can be used – sparingly – with a little thought in the design process.  But our holsters are made to last far longer than the python will likely look good.