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Holster Maker Integrity

The Issue

Ordinarily and as a rule, I do not comment extensively on the work of another holster maker.  But I will take a couple of minutes to comment on a recent event I attended.

Until recently, a number of complete and ready to use holster patterns were available on this site.  They were intended for free use by others who are or would like to be a holster maker.

Not long ago, a guy told me that he had purchased a holster for which I am currently designing a pattern.  He seemed happy with his purchase, but he wasn’t carrying it.  So I asked if he had a picture of it.  Instead, he sent me a link to the site where he bought it.

Holster Maker IntegrityThe Revelation

There was no picture of the specific holster we discussed.  Instead, sadly, there was a very poor rendition of one of my designs from 2016.  That design is displayed here.

Originally designed for the Glock 19, it has been adapted by some to quite a few models.  I no longer use this pattern.

I still have no problem with people making holsters with this design.  And I do not ask for any credit for the design.  But I did not intend to find others making bad copies of it and boldly claiming that the design was theirs.

That was bound to happen, I suppose.  My sole interest at this point is not being associated with those who would “appropriate” a design from someone else and claim credit for it.  When confronted, one guilty party denied any knowledge of us or our designs despite their site showing both ‘variations’ of this model.

The Point

To be clear, this is my design but I do not make holsters with it now.  Others are free to use it if they wish even now.  Download the full pattern if you like.

But for the shopper; if you see a holster made with this design, I did not make it and the person who did make it did not design it.  I gave broad permission to make and sell holsters with this design, so no laws are violated there.  But if someone will claim the design is theirs, then you have to wonder what their “guarantee” or “warranty” is really worth.

Conversely, if you see an older holster that I did make like this, feel free to contact me to trade it in for the upgraded version at no cost.