OWB Holster Bond Arms Bullpup 9

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OWB holster fits Bond Arms Bullpup 9.  Standard full reinforcement panel standard, 1 1/2″ belt slots, lined body side panel for rigidity.  THE holsters for your bullpup or XR9s.

Some of the most requested variations are placed here for quick “one click” selection.  DUE TO OVERWHELMING DEMAND it is sometimes difficult to keep these in stock.  Any model shown but out of stock may be back-ordered from this page. Variations be ordered from the curved panel page or the Pancake Holster Page.



JLS Leather bullpup holster combines secure retention with ease of use for the Bond Arms Bullpup 9  (formerly Boberg XR9s ).  Both the curved panel and “pancake” models are available.

The standard cant angle is 20 degrees forward on 1 1/2″ wide belt.  This angle is based on our customers’ feedback on the best combination of comfort and concealment.  Let us know if you prefer a different angle; we do that.  Also, the angled front belt slot is a voter favorite, but do let us know if you prefer vertical slots – not a problem.

The full reinforcement panel provides stability and strength while allowing a full grip on the firearm.  Select a panel of smooth cowhide, stamped or tooled leather, and exotic leathers.  Body side (inside) panel is lined (laminated) for strength and rigidity.

Well placed stitch lines retain the weapon in a repeatable position.  And the layout of the belt slots provides stability while maintaining a small footprint.  Your holster pulls in close and prevents tipping or rocking on the belt.  Concealment combined with significant stable coverage make these THE choice of bullpup holster.

Though we make every attempt to keep the most often requested models in stock, they do sometimes sell out.  However, since we design these here we are able meet your custom requests.  These include altered angles, custom colors and configurations, and retention devices such as safety straps, thumb breaks, and tension screws.  You also have the option of having your panel stamped or tooled.

Customize yours using our options for the appropriate style of holster, or contact us with the information on each page to get yours made.  Holsters for this Bond Arms Bullpup are available in variations of curved panel style OWB, pancake OWB, pocket holsters, and IWB bullpup holster.  A scabbard style will be available soon.  Magazine pouches are available to match this holster as well.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 2 in
Holster Style

CP01 Curved, Ff01 Pancake


Black w/ Black Cowhide, Black Stitch, Sunburst w/ Sbt Cowhide, MdBn Stitch, Black w/ Black Shark, Black Stitch

9 reviews for OWB Holster Bond Arms Bullpup 9

  1. Jimmy J

    It’s perfect. May look even better with mag carrier.

    OWB Holster Bond Arms Bullpup 9
  2. Ray F.

    Very nice holster with the shark added and the double mag pouch. Professional work as always.

  3. Eagle417

    Excellent merchandise with very quick shipping. A+ awesome holster

  4. joeg531

    very nice, well worth the money!!!

  5. John

    Excellent quality and fit. Exceeded expectations.

  6. Ray

    This is a nice holster. Thanks for getting it to me so quickly.

  7. Aaron

    This holster looks amazing, seems to be made of premium leather and just works great. Hard to find a good holster out there for this gun, especially at this price. I would suggest this holster to anyone.

  8. Michael B

    Ordered both the OWB and the pocket holster for this gun. Both are superb craftsmanship. I will be back for more holsters for other guns.

  9. Bh

    If you want a quality Holster, look no further than this ARTIST! It is absolutely the finest holster I have ever seen. It costs must less than other holsters and is 10 times more valuable.

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