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Holsters available on this page ship next business day.   More pics available upon request.

To order a model or color not available here, see the shop holster section.



The holsters in stock available on this page are ready to ship, usually next day.  We make those most recently and most frequently requested available for quick purchase here.  These are less customized than what is available on other pages.

Since these do not need to be sized beyond fitting the pistol, we may make multiples at a time.  Once a new design is developed and tested, we often make more than one at a time to anticipate demand.  Those times we have attended shows, we do make a few holsters to take.  But we have never guessed the exact model and color preferences of the people we will meet.  The result is some holsters in stock most of the time.

We recommend that those who wish to get matching holster, belt or mag pouch sets order these items together.  Cutting the holster and mag pouch from the same leather hide will assure a match in color and texture.  This would also apply to matching belts or other accessories.  If you prefer, we will ship the holster from this page and complete the set at a later date.  Subsequent articles may match, but we can’t guarantee that later.

These holsters in stock are not customized, nor can they be.  They are finished and ready to ship.  Every attempt is made to show exact product, though some color variation may occur due to camera and monitor settings.  Those who wish to personalize their order should shop through the holster section.

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 1.5 in

Sig P226 SET, CP01, Black, SW Bodyguard 380, CP01, Tan, SW Bodyguard 380, CP01, Black, SW Shield 9/40, CP01, Black, SA EMP 9 SET, CP01, Sunburst /Stamp, Bond Arms Bullpup Pocket Holster, Lizard Panel


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