Ff01 OWB 5050 Panel Holster

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We recommend the curved panel holster for those who like the 2-slot design, for numerous reasons.

5050 panel holsters have the seams down the center line of the firearm.  Often called “pancake” holsters, they are popular with the holster maker as the simplest construction.  We continue to make these for those who are simply used to the style, but only by request.  Use the contact information shown on each page to request.


Ff01 OWB 5050 panel holsters get that name from the two main panels sides.  Mirror image left and right panels join along the center line of the firearm.  Each main piece forms half, or 50 percent, of the primary structure of the holster, hence the term 5050.  These are the most basic of holsters.  That said, we do make these 5050 panel holsters – some call pancake holsters – for selected models.  Standard cant (angle) is 15 degrees forward tilt.  Customization is available.

Ff01 OWB 5050 panel holsters are similar in construction to the curved panel holster in that both have forward and rear belt slots.   We design the 5050 holster and test the fit for each gun model we make holsters for – even those for which the curved panel holster is recommended.  Because they must fit the curve of the body, this mirror image construction can cause binding, particularly in larger models.  This can be an issue for some, even more so with slimmer wearers.  This is discussed further in a blog post.  They seem better suited to revolvers and smaller automatics than to larger pistols.  In a few cases cases, these might be recommended (the Bond Arms Bullpup 9 is one of these).

Like the curved panel models, these are available in 2-piece construction or with an added reinforcement panel in cowhide or select exotic leathers.  Because of the tendency of some “pancake”to bind in some cases, the curved panel holsters must be considered the upgrade.  You can order the 5050 holster, but we will nearly always recommend the curved panel.

We sew holsters with heavy nylon and polyester thread for years of use.

Holsters may optionally be lined, and belts and mag pouches are available to match.



Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 2.5 in
Gun Make

Beretta, Bersa, Boberg, Bond Arms, Charter Arms, Colt, Czech, FNH, Glock, Heritage Arms, HK, Kahr, keltec, Kimber, Rock Island Armory, Rohrbaugh, Ruger, Seacamp, Sig Sauer, Smith Wesson, Springfield Arms, Taurus, Walther, Wilson Combat

3 reviews for Ff01 OWB 5050 Panel Holster

  1. Gary

    The Bonds Bullpup Convertible Pocket style and the Pancake holsters look and feel great. They fit like glove and function well. Jeff from JLSleather does a fantastic job. Great work. It arrived ahead of time.Keep up the great work.

  2. Aaron

    This holster looks amazing, seems to be made of premium leather and just works great. Hard to find a good holster out there for this gun, especially at this price. I would suggest this holster to anyone.

  3. Don

    Really nice holster,great fit.

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