Magazines Mold Dummies

urethane magazines molds for leatherHolster makers, are you making magazine pouches?  Try these “dummy” magazines for wet molding leather magazine pouches. Made from dense urethane, they work great:

  • dimensions accurate within thousandths of an inch;
  • water resistant;
  • no metal to corrode or rust;
  • won’t stain wet leather.

These are molded as “loaded” so they have the full shape your loaded magazine will be.  They slide smoothly into unformed wet leather.

Unlike these, other brands are available molded as empty mags, but the working end of those can drag on or dig in to wet leather, making them difficult to use.

wet form leather dummy magazine molds

Not just for the leather worker, these “loaded” mags work great for kydex magazine carriers too.

Cost of these is less than an actual pistol magazine, and you won’t need to wrap these in plastic to avoid harm to the magazine or the leather.

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