Airbrush DIY

airbrush leather
Simple airbrush.

I’ve titled this picture “airbrush 103”, since it’s just barely more involved than the most very basic practice exercises, which would be called “airbrush 101”.  See… simple.



airbrush leather sunburst
Very simple airbrush

The so-called “fade” around the edge of a project is hardly new.  Gibson guitars called this “sunburst” since the 1950’s.

This simple holster has been dipped in leather dye, giving it the lighter brown base color.  The edges were then sprayed with chocolate brown.   You can see how quick and easy this is in real time in THIS SHORT VIDEO.



airbrush stencil leather
Basic stencil use


Sticking to the one-color theme, this one was done with a simple stencil and Fiebing’s black dye.  The dye here was used full strength as well as reduced (about 20:1).