Leather Belts

We make leather belts available as single layer or leather lined and edge stitched.  Smooth leather, solid color belts are available as well as tooled leather, embossed and hand stamped designs.

tooled leather belts gallery   stamped leather belts gallery   embossed leather belts gallery

Because we receive many requests for more pictures, this page is currently being split into individual sections for types of belts available.   We hope that this will allow you to browse more styles without long delays due to many pictures on one page.  Still, we have too many options available to list them all here so feel free to contact us with specific questions or colors.

Place your cursor over a picture to see a description of that belt, and use that description to order the design.  Choose one of these designs, or request a different design  from the many other tooling designs not shown here.

We make belts with your design as well.  Replace that old worn belt with new leather with your vintage design.  SHOP our belts or request a quote on one of your own.  To see options and sizing for your belt, see the belt information page.