Magazine Pouch Details

Magazine pouch details described here aid selection of the correct options wanted.  Think of this as an extended FAQ, directly related to magazine pouch options in the shop section.  Some magazine pouches are available for quick selection in the available now section.  This page details how to choose additional options.  At a minimum, we need to know the model of your magazine and which hand you’ll shoot with.  Options available include left or right hand, reinforcement panel, sweat shield (or sweat guard), and lining.

Short version

OWB mag carriers in the AVAILABLE NOW section are designed as a straight drop (zero tilt angle) 2-slot holder.  Intended for easy ordering, they are by default:

  • right hand (carried on left side),
  • zero angle (vertical),
  • and without reinforcement panel, sweat shield, or lining.

But you can order mag carriers with or without panel, sweat shield, or lining; in any combination.  Generally, as the customization increases, so do cost and wait time.

Magazine Pouch Options:

right hand single mag
Right Hand Single

Left or Right hand is decided by your shooting hand, or ‘strong side’ hand.  Here, a “right hand” mag carrier will have the base plate up and ammo pointing down range when worn on the left (weak) side.  Contact us with the information on each page if you would like this changed.

Clearly this right hand (Sig P238) mag could be worn on the right side, but due to the angle requested, worn on the right would result in a mag pointed to the rear.

Reinforcement panel

Reinforcement panel may be of use on some larger models.  Much like a bridge, greater the span, the more support needed.  Mag pouches being generally 1″-1 1/2″ wide at the mouth, not usually an issue.  And, a lined front (outside) panel has even less need for the panel.mag pouch reinforcement

Those times we use a panel on a mag, its most often cosmetic only.  For example, when ordering a holster with a shark accent panel, some might like the mag carrier made with the same shark panel so it will match.


Sweat shield

mag no sweat shield magazine pouch
NO sweat shield

“Sweat shield” protects between the mag and the wearer.   The leather of the body side panel extends beyond the top of the base plate.  This is different than “body side” lining.  As a rule, this is more commonly desirable on IWB carrier than on an OWB carrier.  Still, it’s available on any we sell.

mag sweat shield unlined

A single layer of leather extended as a sweat shield can quickly become dog-eared.  This is particularly the case in high humidity areas.  Thus by default, our mag carriers with a sweat shield have the body side panel lined.  Contact us to opt out of this lined sweat shield.


magazine pouch lined sweat shieldLinings also stiffen the assembly, much in the same way that a braided rope is stronger than a single fiber the same diameter.  Much as plywood is more resistant to warp than solid wood.

As described above, we assume full sweat shields should be lined (laminated).  This shows both a “sweat shield” and “body side” lining.

Some think that smooth lined is easier to keep cleaned out.  And it does look nice, though you’d only see most of it when the pouch is empty.  This “body side lining” is available whether or not opting for the sweat shield.

Lined projects have a small cost increase.  This is more due to the increased labor than the cost of the actual leather.