Holster Features Details

Some of our holster features are worth mentioning.  Common sense requires that these are normal or standard, but a quick internet search shows they are not common.  We are always recommending that people compare items when shopping.  Compare these features.

Compare what is there

Perhaps tHolster Detail Curved Panel Tophe most obvious difference in our holsters is in the curved panel holsters.   These holsters are wider on the outside than the inside, causing the assembly to curve naturally.

Others’ holsters have equal width panels body side and outside.  They then bend the ends or “wings” inward causing wrinkling and binding.  To reduce this, many holsters are sewn further from the weapon, and soon rely on belt tension to retain the firearm.  This is covered more extensively in the blog section.

Compare what is not there

Some of our holster features are what is not there.  There are no wrinkles in the leather in the front or back.  There are no stitching machine marks or large unfilled sewing holes.  No frayed or loose stitching.  The leather has no defects or natural “range” marks.  These marks are not “charm” or “character” as some claim; that is why the tannery charges more money for leather that doesn’t include those.

The Base Line on Holsters

avenger holster back detail 1curved panel holster detail back 1








Holster features shown in the pictures are considered a base line for holsters.

  • Room to get a full, firm grip on the firearm before removing is necessary, not cosmetic.
  • Lines of stitching close to the firearm help to retain it in position and allow the holster to maintain form better and longer.
  • Close fitting belt slots help keep the holster from rocking on the belt, thus interfering with the draw.
  • Belt “tabs” are left as wide as is practical to maintain maximum strength.
  • Holsters adequately but not excessively sewn.  Unnecessary holes weaken the leather.
  • Reinforced (or lined) sweat shields maintain shape longer.  This makes the holster easier to use.  Single-layer sweat guard will be available only by request.