Exotic Leather

Exotic leather types and colors abound.  We have used leather from a number of animals in addition to cow and steer hide.  These include alligator, caiman, crocodile, elephant, lizard, ostrich leg, shark, stingray, and snakes.  Snakes include python, boa, rattler, and cobra.  Generally, we recess snake skins to protect the scales.  If you have a particular leather in mind, send us a link and we may use it.

We generally order exotic leather already dyed and ready to use.  As a rule, we stock just those leathers consistently available.  Our suppliers do well at providing consistent color and texture.  Still, these are natural materials and some variation is possible.  If a color or texture changes from that shown, we will update the picture with the new stock.   As with belt buckles, we have had customers send us exotic leathers they already have for use in our projects.

Here we show what is currently on hand.  Remember that materials sometimes look different when viewed in different lighting or on screen.  For comparison, photos of some previous projects show exotics used.

Items are ordered with an exotic accent panel, or full exotic is offered as well.  Items ordered with exotic leathers are considered custom orders.  See site terms for further information regarding the use of exotics.