Color Examples

We know that colors and textures sometimes look different in 3-D than when laid flat.   That said, this page shows more color examples, thread colors, and texture combinations.

color pickerTo date, it has not been necessary to show multiple pages of these examples.  Those wanting other color combinations can send us a link to the color, a photo, or use a color picker to find the RGB or hex numbers.  Links and photos can be sent through the contact form or email.

Below we show some popular colors in leather holsters; view more color in our belts and other projects.  We have still other photos so we may have some in your color, or at the least we’ll likely do it and use yours as the next color example.  Contact us to get yours made in these colors or to request colors not shown.

Also, we can further alter the look of a project somewhat by stamping and/or tooling on the same colors.  You can see these and other color examples in our instagram.


Many places advertise custom leather, but their “custom” only extends to black and brown.  Certainly we do that also, but add to that just about any color except white (the leather is already darker than white).

When we say “custom” we mean these combinations are not all that we do.  Rather, this picture shows a general starting point for what you would like.   We dye leather in other shades, and other thread colors are available.  We stock the thread colors shown here (click photo for larger version).  Other colors may be added if there is sufficient interest.

thread color stock

If you would like multiple items to match, those items should be ordered together so they come from the same batch of leather and leather dye.  This provides the best match of both texture and color.