Color Combinations

Here we show what a particular color of leather will look like sewn with the thread colors we generally stock.  These color combinations are not all that we do – that wouldn’t be very “custom”.  We dye leather in shades other than shown.  Rather, this picture shows a general starting point for what you would like (click photo for larger version).

leather, thread combinations




Of course colors may look a little different in 3d than laid flat.  If you see color done in leather on this site, let us know which picture shows the color you like.  And do ask, as we may have other photos showing color variations not yet loaded on the site.

Those wanting other color combinations can send us a link to the color, a photo, or use a color picker to find the RGB or hex numbers.  Links and photos can be sent through the contact form or email.

If you want multiple items to match, those items should be ordered together so they come from the same batch of leather and leather dye.  This provides the best match of both texture and color.