Coast Guard Charge Books

Coast Guard charge books should display the same professionalism and attention to the task at hand as do the men and women who carry them.

We stopped making Coast Guard charge books for almost two years.  Due to multiple and frequent requests, we will begin making these again as of January 2020.  As with all of our projects, we suggest and ask that you compare the work with others available.

Coast Guard Charge Books

Certainly you can find many just by Google-ing “leather coast guard charge book”.   My personal opinion, I rather prefer the neat, clean, well constructed wooden ones to poorly done low grade leather.

This picture I consider a base line, standing order, worst case scenario, minimum acceptable.

Accepting less than this would be the civilian equivalent of, for example, an almost regulation hair cut, or shoes that used to shine, a crooked crease, dull brass, …

Just contact us with your request for any customization you need.