JLS Leather hand crafts the goods displayed on this site one at a time using principles and processes tried and tested over years, using the best leathers available.

While we have our own style, the main principles of crafting leather existed long before we did.   Leather done right interests us more than long speeches about how long we’ve been working leather or how we learned.  Instead of the hype of multiple and repetitive ‘social media’ postings, consider the leather itself, which you are welcome to compare to any you find.

The majority of what is offered on this site is unique and made to order, though sets and group orders are welcome.  We recommended ordering “matching” together, so the leather and dye come from the same lot, or batch.

JLS Leather designs our hand crafted custom leather holsters right here.  Match your holster with belts and mag carriers for a genuinely custom holster combination.  Additionally, we do offer leather in the classic styles and designs of previous years.

You can reach us with your request through the CONTACT page.   Need leather goods?  Have a question, a tip or suggestion? Here’s the place to let us know.  Be sure to include your number in the contact information if you prefer to be contacted by phone.

Throughout the site you can email, call, or contact us with the links provided on each page.