Leather videos

Leather Videos Substance Before Duration

I have begun adding leather videos on a you-tube channel.   Short clips provide information and answer questions regarding working with leather.  The intent is to convey information, though the format is conversational.

Historically I have avoided videos.  Most I have seen contain little useful information, and are largely filled with “promotional” junk.  We’ve all seen “instructional” video which contain no instructions.  A video which doesn’t show you how to do something is not a “how-to” video.  And, though I’ve seen my share of music videos, that is not this.

Content is not scripted.  I will try to explain a task as briefly as possible while still making the point.   This balance is not the same for everyone.  In the least it won’t be five minutes in to the video before I start talking about the topic.  And you won’t be listening to music which has nothing to do with the subject.  You will not be asked to like, follow, twit or tweet or tango.  No subscription is required.

Some short videos are currently available.  These show airbrushing leather and sewing leather holsters.  Use the comment section to recommend topics or questions.  Hopefully, I can cover something you can use.

new location

JLS Leather is moving!

We are moving (to Minnesota) in the very near future.  All orders in progress will be shipped as previously stated.  Please note that we are currently accepting less volume of orders, and production time for new orders is increased slightly.  Holster patterns will continue to be available for download.

If you have a need for a completed article during this period, feel free request a reference.  If I know of someone else currently making what you need, I certainly don’t mind passing that along.

For those who are able to bear with us, thank you for your continued support.